Required Documents

The following academic records and required documents must be submitted in English (the family is responsible for any necessary translation). Documents may be submitted in person or via email at

Completed Student Enrollment Packet Containing:
  • Student Registration.
  • Student information.
  • Parent(s) information.
  • Health Form.
  • Financial agreement.
  • INEA Form.
Official Documents in Original.
  • 1 Original birth certificate.
  • 1 Original medical certificate (period not exceeding three months)
  • 1 Original CURP* (Letter size)
  • The previous or current year of school records.
  • Letter of no debt (From the last school attend)
  • The student's standardized test results (e.g. Stanford, Terranova).
  • The student's most recent school's profile.
Official Documents in Copy.
  • 2 copies birth certificate from both sides.
  • 2 Copies of CURP *
  • 1 Copy of the student (s) passports
  • 1 Copy of the student (s) visa.
  • 1 Copy of official identification of parent or guardian from both sides (INE*, Passport, Visa)
  • 1 Copy of the student's immunization records.
  • Copy of a proof of address (CFE, TELMEX, etc.)
* Only Mexican Citizens or Mexican Citizenship.
Required for the INEA Elementary Students (10 years old)

5 photos, child-sized in matte black paper, black and white blouse or shirt.

Required for the Secondary / High School Students
  • 1 Original elementary school certificate
  • 2 Copies from elementary school certificate
  • 1 Original Secondary school certificate
  • 2 Copies from secondary school certificate.
  • A minimum of the student's last two years of school records (if entering into high school, all records from grade nine onward with course descriptions must be submitted).
  • Signed Parent-Student Handbook agreement
  • Signed Acceptable Use of Technology Policy agreement